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Crane Ridge holds the belief that Responsible mining entails the harmonious integration of frameworks and optimal practices to delineate a mine's operations leading up to it's exit strategy, thereby bolstering sustainability while prioritizing financial viability.

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Companies are facing pressure from diverse stakeholders – investors, regulators, shareholders, customers, and employees – to undergo a business transformation through a Responsibility lens. Across all sectors, organizations must respond to these demands by proactively managing risks and seizing opportunities.

Navigating the execution of Responsible mining initiatives can be complex and bewildering. Responsible mining is no longer restricted to isolated elements; instead, it must be integrated into your organization's entire strategy and operations.

This is where our expertise proves invaluable. We assist you in understanding the implications of Responsibility mining for your mine, furnishing you with the insights, guidance, and technologies required to accelerate your Responsibility mining journey, whilst developing your exit sustainability strategy. 

How we assist in your Journey..

Responsible mining due diligence and framework.jpg

Responsible Mining -
Stakeholders – Investors, Regulators, Shareholders

Crane Ridge asserts that Responsible Mining, which considers the interests of stakeholders such as investors, regulators, and shareholders, can be effectively pursued through thorough due diligence, framework evaluation, and adherence to international standards like IRMA. By integrating Responsibility Due Diligence practices, this approach mitigates investment risks through comprehensive gap analysis.


ResponsiblE PracticeS in Minin
Mines , Investors , Shareholders

Crane Ridge holds the belief that embracing Responsible Mining Practices is paramount for a mine's prosperity, aligning with commitments made to mines, investors, and shareholders. Responsible mining transcends mere checkbox compliance; it necessitates integration into the daily operations of the mine. Crane Ridge employs a review process that assesses the existing ISO standards at the mine and incorporates IRMA, evaluating technical aspects not solely for performance but also for their impact on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations.

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Sustainability - Exit Strategies
Mines, Stakeholders

In the mining sector, there exists a notable disparity regarding the understanding of Sustainability and Community Development. At Crane Ridge, we advocate for Sustainability to be integrated into the mine's Exit Strategy, recognizing that the community thrives most during active mining operations. Parallel opportunities must be cultivated during this period. Our dynamic exit strategy not only assesses the current impact of the mine but also plans for the future of the town post-mine closure. This holistic approach is essential to investors, stakeholders, and the broader community alike.

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